WiCS - Get Involved

There are plenty of ways to get involved with WiCS activities!
For more information on any of the opportunities shown here or the possibility for more opportunities, please Contact Us!


Join Us

Become a Member

To become a member of WiCS, sign up on Involvement Link today!
You can also join our Facebook group and mailing list (contact us) to connect with other members and stay up to date on meeting times and events.


Help Us Out

Build-a-BonzAI Brawl

There's always room for more hands helping out with a project as big as organizing the BonzAI Brawl...and we'd love your help! Jobs can range from day-of assistance to pre-event publicity and setup.

Present at a Grade School

Does outreach sound like a fun idea to you? Get permission from your hometown or local school districts to present our outreach program!

You can download the slides for the presentation here.

We would also appreciate your time in filling out a short reflection survey on your experience, which can be found here.
The survey can be returned to our President or advisors on the Contact Us page via email; simply title the email "Outreach Presentation Reflections", or a similarly descriptive title.

If you'd like to bring a little interactivity to your presentation, check out some of the ideas for hands-on activities at CS Unplugged.

Always make sure you have verified with the district you are presenting at that the materials you plan on bringing comply with their policies!


Support Us

Join the Brawl!

One of the easiest ways to support WiCS is by having a blast and competing in BonzAI Brawl with your friends! By enjoying one of our events you help spread the word about our organization and the great things we can do.

Fund Our Organization

If you represent a company or entity that wants to help WiCS flourish, financial support can go a long way. Money WiCS receives has been used in the past to fund BonzAI Brawl expenses, outreach initiatives, and sending members to the annual Grace Hopper convention.