WiCS - What We Do

BonzAI Brawl

WiCS partners with the Husky Game Development Enterprise and Uplison Pi Epsilon Honor Society to host BonzAI Brawl, an all-day programming competition that takes place in early April.

During the event, teams of up to three people program an artificial intelligence to play a themed game.  After the programming portion is finished, the competitor's AIs battle each other for prizes.


Outreach to Grade Schools

Computer Science is an extremely diverse field with many opportunities in almost every area of study. Knowing this, WiCS designed an outreach program that demonstrates to grade school students how rewarding earning a Computer Science degree can be. It consists of a presentation outlining various computing careers and an interactive portion that illustrates simple programming concepts. The interactive portion is based on the activities that are available from CS Unplugged.


Organizational Meetings

WiCS hosts several meetings each year for members and those interested in the organization to attend. These meetings provide networking opportunities and the chance to develop more opportunities and events within WiCS.

Often the meetings have some sort of fun theme or activity; such as cookie decorating, crafts, or adorning the holiday tree in Rekhi. Meetings are fun, informative, and friendship-forming; come to one to learn more about the lovely members of WiCS!


Visit the Annual Grace Hopper Convention

Every year WiCS works to send as many members as possible to the Annual Grace Hopper Celebration, which is a wonderful opportunity that is the largest gathering in the world of tehnical women in computing.